How to Get More Deals Done

Here’s another deal of the month where we show yu hwo to get more deals done.  We’re here at 996 Orange in St. Paul, Minnesota.  My borrower calls and tells me he’s buying this house subject to the foreclosing mortgage.  He says he is going to fix it up and flip it.  I said sounds good – I’ve done a 100 of them and we funded the deal.  He fixed the house but ran into a little trouble with his timing.

He called me back and told me sold the property, it turned out beautifully.  He tells me he’s got a problem as the foreclosure runs out about a week before his closing with the new buyer.  I wrote him an check and we got the deal done.

Sure enough – we got it done and I get a nice little bonus and he gets a big fat check and down the road we go.

Another successful deal done.

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